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Dinard Airport Facilities

The Dinard Airport is typical of many low cost airports in France in that it's a small local airport, you won't get lost. Even if it is small, it still has the facilities you would expect from an airport. These include car park (both covered and uncovered), car hire, public toilets, Pub-Restaurant, telephone, letter box and lost luggage at the Ryanair desk. As the airport isn't big, neither is the airport terminal, where most everything listed above can be found.

What Dinard Airport doesn't have is a magazine kiosks and public transportation to and from the airport. The only way to access the airport is by car. There is of course taxi service, cost is about 25€ to Dinard and 32€ to Saint Malo.

If you are looking for a review of the airport, there is one here. It's from 2004, but it still seems to be accurate. If you know of another review of the Dinard Airport or would like to offer your own comments (name and email address removed of course) please let me know.