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Dinard Airport to Port Launay

Hi, I am flying in to Dinard in July and wish to travel to Port Launay, by bus or train, which is the best way, via Rennes or Lamballe, and how do I get from the airport.

I'm not sure about a bus but the train takes about 5 hours to make the trip from Saint-Malo (Dinard doesn't have a train station) to Châteaulin (Port Launay also doesn't have a train station as far as I can tell). You go Saint-Malo - Rennes - Brest - Châteaulin. You would need to take a taxi from airport to Saint-Malo and then another taxi from Châteaulin to Port Launay. Tickets can be bought the day you travel. For more train info I suggest Rail Europe .
My advice would be, if possible hire a car.

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