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Train or Taxi to Dol-des-Bretagne

We are due to fly into Dinard Airport visiting a friend on a camp site in Dol-des-Bretagne. What's the cheapest way you suggest getting from the airport to there? Is there a train station nearby? I have seen the taxi link on your site, is that cheaper than the train? Thank you for your time and help.

I'm not too sure what is best for you. Here are the options with taking a train; you would need to take a train from Saint-Malo to Dol-des-Bretagne. There isn't a train station in Dinard. It's only a 20 minute trip so it shouldn't cost much (I couldn't get a price on the internet) but you still need to take a taxi from the airport to Saint-Malo. That's about 17€ right there, whereas it's about 30-35€ to take a taxi from the Dinard Airport to Dol-des-Bretagne. If you do take a train, no need to make a reservation, you can buy your tickets the day you travel.

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