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Is the Outside Car Park Secure?

Thanks for useful info on Dinard airport. Re parking, do you know how secure the outside car park is? Eg does it have 24 hr cctv? Are there times when the airport is completely unattended by airport personnel? etc (Trying to decide whether it's worth paying the extra for the underground park - peace of mind and all that!)

I tried calling the airport to get an answer to your question but no one answered. So sorry I don't know. If you do get an answer please let me know.

Answer from reader.
Thanks for attempting to get an answer to my question and getting back to me.
We've now made our trip via Dinard and I can confirm that there is no cctv covering the outside car park, nor is it checked systematically by airport personnel. As far as I'm aware, there may be times during the day/week when there are no personnel on site at the airport at all. So on paper the outside car park appears non-secure and quite vulnerable. Having discovered this, however, we were quite happy to leave our van there for over a week and returned to find no problems. The lady at the airport whom we spoke to assured us there had never been any problems over the car park and was surprised we even asked. Differences in French/UK culture perhaps?

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